Impinj Guardwall RFID Antenna


Impinj Guardwall (CP) Indoor RFID Antenna (FCC/ETSI)


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Impinj Guardwall (CP) Indoor RFID Antenna (FCC/ETSI)
The Impinj Guardwall Indoor Antenna is geared toward item-level reading and  provides a tightly controlled read zone and intense RF field, critical to penetrating deep into packed cases. When used as a pair, the Guardwall antenna absorbs energy from its opposing mate so that very little passes beyond the exterior face. This configuration maximizes stray read rejection by constraining the read zone to the area within the two antennas. It also increases read reliability by maximizing the intensity within the read zone.

Why buy this antenna?
Using two Impinj Guardwall RFID Antennas will generate an unparalleled level of read zone intensity and focus which is ideal for getting accurate reads deep within boxes or containers.

  • Well-controlled read zone minimizes stray reads.
  • Optimized for reading item-level tags packed in cases.
  • Designed for RoHS compliance.

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