uPass Reach (Long Range)


uPASS Reach (region 2 & 3) Long range AVI reader with identification up to 4 meters [12 ft] ISO 18000 EPC Gen2 compliant.**not include power supply



long-range UHF reader for vehicle identification

Vehicle identification
The uPASS Reach is a UHF RFID reader for long-range vehicle identification. Based passive UHF technology (± 900 MHz), vehicles are identified up to 5 meters (16,4 feet). The uPASS Reach complies with the ISO18000-6C and EPC global Gen 2 directive.

Key features

  • automatic vehicle identification
  • read range up to 5 meters (16,4 feet)
  • operates with passive UHF cards (EPC Gen 2)
  • adjustable read range
  • supported communication interfaces: Wiegand, RS232 and RS422
  • OSDP v2 supported including secure channel protocol


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