RK300-08 Multi-in-one (CO,SO2,PM2.5)Gas Sensor


หมวดหมู่ : Internet of Things Ambient Sensor


RK300-08 Multi-in-one Gas Sensor adopts high-precision chip for data acquisition, advanced techonolgy of manufacturing technique and surface mount, which to ensure accurate and reliable measurement data. It has outstanding characterstics in measurement accuracy, linearity, repeatability, interoperability, consistency and other aspects. It is suitable for environmental equipment matching,integration, and most of the general environmental tests.RK300-08 with complete monitoring parameters and accurate data. The parameters can be customized according to the requirements, up to 5-6 parameters, including air temperature, air humidity, CO2 concentration, CO concentration, PM1.0/2.5/10.0, atmospheric pressure, formaldehyde, oxygen, ozone, volatile organic compounds, air quality, etc.


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