RK500-03 EC / Salinity Sensor


หมวดหมู่ : Internet of Things Soil Sensor


The probe of EC sensor is made of graphite electrode that has the characteristics of stable performance,high sensitivity, wide application scope. EC sensor is of simple structure, with stable performance, easy for operation, used in the field monitoring of water & salt dynamics in soil.Therefore,it is an ideal observation instrument in the study of generation,evolution,and improvement utilization of saline soil.Also,it can be used in the anti-corrosion monitoring of underground oil,gas pipelines and other pipelines.The sensor an also be directly submerged in liquid,to measure its electrical conductivity.

Soil salinity sensor integrates graphite electrode and precision platinum resistance, to measure the soil salt through temperature compensation algorithm. After submerged into the soil, it can directly test salt content in the soil.


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