UHF inlay 22.5*22.5 mm - chipH4 ---- roll


RFID inlay tag UHF Alien H4, mini square



*** ขายยกม้วน ขนาดม้วนประมาณ 1500-2500 ชิ้น   

Powered by Higgs4 UHF RFID IC and innovative antenna design, compact form factor. ACEN-9729 inlays with Higgs-4 core, the “Square” delivers exceptional performance and is especially well suited for item level applications where geometries are constrained. The “Square” inlay comprises a rich feature set including a 64-bit TID, 128 bit EPC, 128 bit User memory

Antenna size 22.50 * 22.50 mm

หมายเหตุ: ราคาสินค้ายังไม่รวม %Vat และค่าขนส่ง

***Minimum order: 100 tags/order

***Shipping cost is based on actual.

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