Impinj Mini-Guardrail RFID Antenna


Impinj Mini-Guardrail ILT (LP) Indoor RFID Antenna (Global)


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Impinj Mini-Guardrail ILT (LP) Indoor RFID Antenna (Global)
Impinj's Mini-Guardrail reader antenna operates effectively at read distances of 7.5 cm or less making it a demanding antenna for item-level deployments. Ideally for applications like access control, ticketing, document control, packaging lines, the Mini-Guard. The Mini-Guardrail Antenna is perfect for a wide selection of tagging because it is virtually immune to RF blocking elements like liquids, and metallic packaging. These characteristics make the Impinj Mini-Guardrail Antenna a strong and highly popular near-field antenna. Additionally, this antenna requires 1 SMA to R-TNC cable (sold separately).

  • Strong near-field performance for reading tags at a distance of 0-7.5 cm.
  • Small form factor of 70 x 133 x 19 mm.
  • Weak far-field gain to minimize stray reads.
  • Broadband design to enable world-wide operation.

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