Impinj xSpan Gateway (GX1)


Impinj xSpan Gateway RFID Reader (GX1) without power supply and power cord


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The xSpan Gateway is a fixed infrastructure RFID reader system that provides always-on monitoring and movement detection of tagged items. Within the RFID ecosystem, readers and gateways perform the essential role of connecting tagged items to software-based business solutions. The Impinj xSpan gateway reduces business operational costs and maximizes sales by providing constant, accurate inventory visibility, reducing loss and minimizing time spent locating and tracking items. Engineered for large-scale item-level applications in retail, healthcare and manufacturing, the xSpan Gateway provides real-time Item Intelligence events including each item’s identity and authenticity. When combined with the Impinj platform, the xSpan Gateway provides businesses with exceptional inventory visibility, allowing them to improve their operational efficiency and provides better service to their customers.

  • Operating modes: inventory and tag direction.
  • Low-profile and light-weight for easy installation on both ceiling and walls.
  • Power and control through a single power over Ethernet (PoE) connection.
  • Always-on asset tracking provides accurate, real-time inventory intelligence.
  • Integrated phase array antenna supports 13 dual-polarized beams and 3 sectors.
  • Equipped with transition detection: able to track items as they move along a path.
  • A single xSpan gateway provides up to 1,000 square ft coverage within a rectangular area.
  • Multiple xSpans combined with other Impinj connectivity devices can cover larger areas.
  • Software options simplify configuration, application development, deployment and management.
  • Ideally suited for spaces such as hospital and conference rooms, mid-size retail spaces, hallways and portals.
  • Common applications: inventory management, asset tracking, and dock door solutions in retail, healthcare, and supply chain.
  • Peak performance ensured at all times with patented Autopilot functionality which automatically optimizes settings for its environment.
  • Movement tracking and item identification empowers loss prevention systems, entry and exit event detection, and other portal and tag direction applications that require bidirectional movement monitoring.

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