Mono-7000C RF High Luxury Crystal Sensor - Mono

RF EAS Gate Model CW-7000C


หมวดหมู่ : RF EAS SYSTEM


MONO-7000C RF EAS System

MONO system mean's can be work by one antenna like as AM system, it is unnecessary to connect with other one's.

Special Features:

  • Frequency:8.2MHz
  • Appiying high digital upgrad technology
  • More small LCD PC Board design,work steay more
  • Easy installation.
  • Alarm type:LED and sound alarm
  • Detection Range:                           
    • 1m (4X4cm label)
    • 1.4m (45mm tag like as CW-0001)
    • 1.8m (54-63mm tag like as CW-0002)
  • Dimension:1600X380X100mm
  • Package:   1CTN/Set
  • Weight:     20kg/CTN
  • volume:     0.159CBM/CTN
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